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Terms and Conditions for all Attendees & Exhibitors at the Bath Business Expo 11th March 2020.


The following terms and conditions relate to all attendees and exhibitors at the Expo:




1/ All visitors are welcome to attend and network at the Expo for free provided they have pre-registered on this website or registered manually at the Expo reception on the day. Entrance is granted solely at the discretion of the Expo Management, who have the right to ask a visitor to leave should they feel their presence is disruptive. Go easy on the coffee!

2/ The Expo Management is not responsible for the content or conduct of the Exhibitors and of the Attendees at the Expo.




1/ Cancellation Policy: The fees you pay for your exhibition space are non-refundable within 8 weeks of the Expo date because it will be unlikely that we'd be able to find a replacement exhibitor. However, if we are able to find another exhibitor willing to purchase your place then we will provide a full refund.

2/ Circumstances beyond our direct control: in the very unlikely event and for any reason beyond our direct control that there is a problem with the venue or access to the venue which leads to it not being viable to hold the Expo on the alloted date, we reserve the right to arrange a new date no sooner than 1 month but within 6 months of the original and go ahead as planned in the original venue or an alternative venue within a 10 mile radius of Bath, without giving a refund for exhibitor stands, sponsorship or promotional items.

3/ In the unlikely event that there is an issue beyond the Expo Management's direct control with electricity supply or wifi supply or any other disturbance that directly affects the Expo while it is running we unfortunately cannot provide any refund to exhibitors.

4/ No liability will be accepted under any conditions beyond the direct control of the Expo Management for any further problems related to the expo or the Exhibitors whether before, during of after the Expo. The Expo management is not responsible for the content or conduct of the Exhibitors.