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Speaker: Berkeley Harris

Title: Keynote: The Buyer Seller Dance

Time: 10.00am -10.45am (Please arrive at 9.45am for a prompt 10.00am start)

Room 3


The Buyer Seller Dance

Our guest speaker Berkeley Harris will provide new techniques in the world of modern day selling. As a previous Sales Director of a UK leading Insurance Company Berkeley has reaped the rewards of Sandler training and became a global consultant 6 years ago. He will share not only the techniques and methodologies but also how to implement these new key skills.


Understand how Traditional Selling approaches can often have negative impacts on both you and your potential clients. Buyers are more educated than ever therefore your sales approach must reflect 2020 thinking.


Included within this talk is the Sandler Selling System which is used globally with reported proven Techniques and Methodologies.


About Berkeley Harris


Having served in the Royal Marines for 10 years Berkeley came into the business world from a different prospective.   Spending time in B2C & B2B sales management along with the recruitment & developing teams of varying sizes Berkeley brings a wealth of real world experience and technical knowledge to bring any talk to life.


A detailed planner which ensures any talk is delivered to achieve the maximum agreed outcomes.   A wealth of experience in giving engaging, thought-provoking and dynamic business-to-business presentations covering a wide range of key messages. From board rooms to sales staff and large events with celebrity headliners. Tailored messages to suit the audience. Upbeat, engaging, audience interactive with an in depth knowledge of a range of subjects that adds to any event. Living in Bristol Berkeley talks throughout UK & Europe.





Speaker: Jason Coward

Title: Smarter ways to cut through the noise

Time: 10.00am -10.30am (Please arrive at 9.45am for a prompt 10.00am start)

Room 1


Smarter ways to cut through the noise


We're all surrounded by so much marketing noise. So much confusion. All of it seemingly so, so similar.


The reality is that each of us is exposed to somewhere between 4,000 and 10,000 different marketing messages every day.


You must know that feeling as a business owner, wrestling with the need to keep marketing costs down but to cut through against your competitors whilst finding your own space to sell and grow.


In this Keynote, Jason Coward, CEO of strategy-first marketing agency Peppermint, offers some useful and practical tips on how to give your business and your brand the best possible chance of cutting through the noise.


With lessons from brands both big and small, he will share how easy it is to avoid the most common mistakes and how every brand can find its unique space by getting the basics right and sticking to them.


About the Speaker Jason Coward


Jason has over thirty years of experience in the world of brands and marketing.


He was part of the senior team at leading UK agencies such as Simons Palmer, TBWA and finally WCRS. He then left the agency world to become a full time marketer.


Over a 15+ year period, Jason was Chief Marketing Officer for the launch of Sky Italia before running his own successful marketing consultancy, working with the likes of FIAT, Vodafone, Barnardo’s, Nissan, The Sun, Virgin Media and Sony.


Jason recently moved from London for a new start in the South West and is CEO of Peppermint, a strategy-first marketing agency based in Bristol.


Peppermint already works with both successful startups and established brands, with a growing portfolio of clients including FLY Fitness, Silcox & Sons, With Nothing Underneath and Pasture:






Speaker: Daryl Tompkins & Phil Mitchell

Title: Get More from your Website: Convert Clicks into Sales and Drive More Traffic

Time: 10.00am -10.30am (Please arrive at 9.45am for a prompt 10.00am start)

Room 2


Get More from your Website: Convert Clicks into Sales and Drive More Traffic


This seminar is for all businesses from small to large; whether you don’t yet have a website but are wondering where to start, if you already have one but aren’t happy with the conversion rates, or if you are happy with your website but want to learn how to get even more out of it. With a great write up from American Express, don’t miss out on this insightful seminar.


During the talk Phil and Daryl will discuss setting your site up for optimal conversion rates and how to monitor the effectiveness going forward, utilising visitor recordings, heatmapping and more. They will then go on to speak about how to drive visitors to the website and the many free and paid sources available.


About the seminar host:


An official Google Partner, Dentons Digital has been creating and optimising websites since the late 90’s. They focus on helping SMEs improve their digital presence in a way that informs and educates, whilst having also worked with bigger names such as Ford Parts UK and global companies like Corporate Learning Solutions.


Daryl has spent the last 14 years in marketing and advertising dating back to 2006 where the journey began in radio advertising. He has worked solely on digital marketing for the last six years. At Dentons Digital Daryl specialises in websites, UX (user experience), CRO(conversion rate optimisation) and traffic acquisition.


Phil has been interested in technology since he got his first Acorn Electron and began to program in basic. He has worked for many companies in the digital field whether that is in a marketing or a developing role. His main skillset is driving traffic via PPC, as he says “It is binary; you spend X amount and need to make more than that to profit. You either make a profit or not, there is no talking around it”.







Speaker: Kate Strong, Sustainable business strategist, world champion triathlete, aerospace engineer, TEDx Speaker

Title: Sustainable Business isn’t Just Good for your Bottom Line

Time: 10.45am -11.15am

Room 1


The line separating the world of making money and the world doing good is blurring. Consumers are now holding businesses to account to not only deliver high quality products & services, but also get involved in causes they care about.


Companies can and need to lead the way in creating a triple bottom line business: For profit, for the planet and for people.


Kate Strong unpacks this emotive topic to assure that there is a way for a win:win scenario that not only assures increased profits, but a cleaner, safer and more loving world to live in.



About Kate Strong:


A multilingual Sustainable Business Strategist, passionate about helping entrepreneurs to create profitable triple bottom line companies (for profit, for people and for the planet).


Kate Strong is on a mission to unite the world of doing good and the world of making money one business at a time. And shares why today is the day to focus on sustainable business creation


Podcast host, 2 times TEDx speaker, World Champion triathlete, Aerospace Engineer, philanthropist, investor & trainee Reiki Master, Kate is a leader in creating an elite mindset and striving for success in all areas of life.






Speaker: Ben Masheder, Innovate UK

Title: Innovative businesses: Learn about funding, grants and support available from Innovate UK and how you can access international markets

Time: 10.45am -11.15am

Room 2


Innovative businesses: Learn about funding, grants and support available from Innovate UK and how you can access international markets.


If you consider yourself to be part of an innovative business, looking to develop to the next stage join this event to hear how the governments innovation agency, Innovate UK can support you with strategic growth from funding and finance to IP, design thinking and many others areas of strategic support.


About Ben Masheder (Innovation Specialist)


Ben has a PhD in Chemistry and experience working in tech and research abroad & in the UK SME, Start-up sector. His goal is to work with innovative companies to help them grow strategically with a sustainable research oriented business model. He provides advice in the form of innovation funding, grants, partnerships, and research planning. Ben’s personal drive is to cultivate innovation capabilities and work to augment the capabilities of local companies.







Speaker: Sean Spooner

Title: ‘10 Marketing Quick Wins’ to implement immediately, to improve return on marketing investment and increase revenue

Time: 11.00am -11.20am

Room 3


‘10 Marketing Quick Wins’ to implement immediately, to improve return on marketing investment and increase revenue


The talk highlights ten simple and easy to complete tasks that businesses can action without any additional knowledge or investment. Some of the Quick Wins include:• Handwrite your envelopes (or at least pretend to...) • Use customer reviews to write more effective sales copy • Never click the ‘Boost’ button on Facebook • Claim and populate your Google My Business listing. With a duration of 15-20 minutes, this short and sharp talk hits event attendees with a flood of actionable advice that they can take away and implement into their businesses the very next day


About the Speaker, Sean Spooner, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Dreem


-Candidate on BBC One’s Young Apprentice

-TEDx Speaker

-Founder of Magnate

-Formerly the ‘World’s Youngest Publisher’


Sean Spooner is the 24-year-old Creative Director of Dreem, an award-winning full-service marketing agency based in South Wales. Sean is part of the founding team of one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in Wales, working with clients throughout the UK, Europe, America and beyond. As well as a business founder, Sean also creates content online and is the host of the fast-growing Life and Lessons podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, giving him the always-on insight into what is and isn’t proving effective on the bleeding edge of digital marketing.


Dreem is home to a team of design, development, marketing and customer experience experts, known for helping businesses overcome their growth challenges to reach their full potential. From fledgeling startups through to multinational PLCs, Dreem has helped companies of all sizes to improve their customer experience, win new business and increase their revenue. With almost a decade of experience in the business growth game, Dreem has a hard-to-match level of knowledge and insight into what it takes to grow a business in 2020.






Speaker: Sarah Warby in interview with Anita Jaynes

Title: An interview with Sarah Warby, CEO of Lovehoney

Time: 11.30am -12.00pm

Room 1

We’re very excited to host an interview with Sarah who will share some of her business experience and tips to inspire SME business people to greater things.

Sarah is working in her new role as CEO of Lovehoney, the ground-breaking Bath-headquartered business that is expanding internationally. Sarah lists ‘innovative thinking, great team work and compelling leadership’ as the things that lead to success, defined as the ‘sweet spot between what customers want and what will make a sustainable profit’.


Sarah’s other roles include (current) Non Executive Director of Moneysupermarket Group, former Chief Growth Officer of HyperJar Ltd, Marketing Director of Sainsbury’s (2012-2017), Marketing Director of Heineken UK (2007-2011), Innovation Director Scottish & Newcastle PLC (2005 -2007) and earlier a Brand Manager at Van den Bergh Foods (Unilever) (1994 -1999)



The interview will be hosted by Anita Jaynes founder of The Business Exchange. There may be the opportunity to field questions to Sarah from the audience.






Speaker: Claire Matthews, Croner

Title: How the Good Work Plan will impact your industry, and how to prepare for it cost-effectively and efficiently

Time: 11.30am -12.00pm

Room 2


How the Good Work Plan will impact your industry, and how to prepare for it cost-effectively and efficiently


The Good Work Plan has been described as the biggest change to UK employment law for the past 20 years and it all becomes effective on 6th April 2020. Introduced in response to the recommendations of the Taylor review - an independent report that aimed to strengthen employment rights and improve working lives. Employment issues such as redundancy protection, statutory sick pay, and holiday pay are tackled, and also a major change affecting rules relating to new starters and written particulars.


Join our experts to find out how the Good Work Plan will impact your industry, and how to prepare for it cost-effectively and efficiently.


This seminar is hosted by Claire Matthews from Croner


Founded in 1941, Croner specialise in HR, employment law, health and safety, tax and commercial legal matters. With an unparalleled heritage, Croner advise thousands of businesses in these areas, from large corporations to small, independent start-up firms.


Over 9,972 UK businesses rely on Croner’s advice and support, with industry specialists handling over 267,000 calls every year.


Through market-leading software and services, Croner provide 24/7 guidance on any workforce challenge, and help employers to navigate complex employment and safety matters and legislation.







Speaker: Carly Davidson and Melissa Hardman, Make Social

Title: Using Facebook for Business

Time: 11.30am -12.00pm

Room 3


‘Using Facebook for Business’


This seminar is ideal for you if you are already using Facebook for your Business but aren't getting results you want or you don't yet have a Facebook Page but know you should.


You will come away with some simple tips you can implement right away to improve your own business page.


What we will cover?


  • Facebook Aesthetics
  • Knowing your audience
  • Tone of Voice
  • Constructing a post
  • What types of content to share
  • Understanding the algorithm
  • How to make Facebook work for you
  • A brief overview of paid advertising
  • Understanding the analytics


About the speakers:


Hello. I’m Carly. I am one half of Make Social. I live in Hampshire with my husband and our two young daughters.


After 10 years experience in the management and communications industry I took the knowledge and experience I had gained, invested heavily in Social Media Marketing training, including a Facebook Advertising Course with one of the UKs leading Facebook Ads Strategists and started Make Social.


I’m Melissa. I am 35 and I live in Wiltshire with my husband Max, our 2 children Isabelle and Theo and our crazy spaniel Monty. I love to run and I never turn down a cuppa!


My degree was in Media Communications and I spent 15 years working in the beauty industry before niching down and focusing on Social Media Marketing. Strategies are my bag, I love getting to the nitty gritty and working out exactly how Social works for different businesses.


Together we launched Make Social with a mutual passion to support businesses in the fast paced world of Social Media Marketing. We want you to be able to increase the visibility of your brand by using Social Media marketing strategies that work. Whether you are a start-up or an established business we can help you navigate your way through Facebook and Instagram and help you harness the power of Social Media Marketing and understand why it’s so important to your business.


We are based in Hampshire and Wiltshire but can work with you wherever you are based thanks to good old technology!







Speaker: Google Digital Garage

Title: Digital Marketing Strategy

Time: 12.00pm -1.00pm

Room 1


Digital Marketing Strategy


This seminar will focus on:


1. Learn how digital marketing channels are used to help businesses grow


2. Learn how to structure a practical digital marketing plan for a small businesses


3. Measure your plan for success


Discover different digital marketing channels and how to use them to build a digital marketing strategy.


For small business owners and aspiring digital marketers who want to get to grips with the main digital marketing channels. You'll learn how to develop, implement and track a digital marketing strategy.


Seminar hosted by Google Digital Garage


Ronan Harris, Google UK & Ireland Managing Director, said: 'In the digital age, a basic understanding of how the online world works is useful and when it comes to business, it’s essential. We are delighted to bring the Google Digital Garage to Bath and ensure everyone has access to free digital skills workshops. We hope you'll pop in and get the skills you need to become more confident online, grow your career or business, and maybe even launch the next big idea."







Speaker: Grant Fagan

Title: Mergers & Acquisitions - SIMPLIFIED

Time: 12.15pm -12.45pm

Room 2

Mergers & Acquisitions - SIMPLIFIED


Grant Fagan & Partners assists business owners to grow and sustain their businesses through the analysis and financing facilitation of potential; mergers, acquisitions, disposal and turnaround opportunities. The services offered are end to end from an initial consult to transaction conclusion with financiers, investors and or businesses.


About Grant Fagan


Grant is an experienced deal maker and serves as an independent senior advisor, providing strategic and innovative guidance to business leaders seeking quality assistance with strategic investment decisions.


He leverages his network, market knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial flair to get the best possible deal done – from concept to execution. Expect practical deal making delivered with fast a and efficient service.





Speaker: Amy Fletcher

Title: How to support wellbeing in your workplace?

Time: 12.15pm -12.45pm

Room 3


How to support wellbeing in your workplace?


HSE guidance states that “ Stress and wellbeing is a major cause of sickness absence in the workplace and costs over £5 billion a year in Great Britain. It affects individuals, their families and colleagues by impacting on their health but also impacts on employers with costs relating to sickness absence, replacement staff, lost production and increased accidents.”


This seminar will advise you on legal and moral approaches to a collaborative wellbeing strategy. It will provide a variety of approaches to ensure legal compliance within your workplace.


During this seminar we will talk about-


• What is stress?


• Importance of wellbeing


• Understanding burnout


• Workplace strategy


• Presenteeism and Leavism


About Amy Fletcher:


Amy is a Senior Organisational Development Trainer within Wiltshire Training (Part of Wiltshire Council), who has extensive knowledge of leadership and management and is qualified to Level 5 in Wellbeing and stress. She produces and delivers personalised, fun and engaging training courses, which are thought provoking and develop delegates and business performance.







Speaker: Louise Carver, former Wing Commander

Title: Resilient leaders, resilient teams: maximising performance

Time: 1.00pm - 1.30pm

Room: 2


Resilient leaders, resilient teams: maximising performance


In an increasingly turbulent and uncertain world, we need more than ever to sustain ourselves and our teams so that we can cope and even thrive when faced with unprecedented challenges. Becoming resilient is vital if we are to be and remain at our best. Drawing on the latest research as well as lessons from military life, this seminar will explore why achieving resilience delivers amazing results and suggest some ways in which leaders can achieve it for themselves and their teams.


About the speaker:


Louise Carver is a retired RAF wing commander with over 30 years’ experience as a learning and development practitioner working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. During her RAF career, she trained people involved in military deployments as well as leading and working alongside teams involved in officer and recruit training, information systems and services, housing and PR. As an independent consultant she has worked with clients including Babcock, Novo Nordisk, Public Health England, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, the RAF Charitable Trust Enterprises and the Defence Academy of the UK to provide leadership, management, team and individual development focused on delivering organisational growth and change.


Louise is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and is recognised as an approved training provider by the ILM. She is accredited by the Belbin Institute as a team roles facilitator and is qualified to administer the Strength Deployment Inventory® and Relationship Awareness Theory® which she uses to enhance individual and team development. She is also a qualified workplace mediator, able to help manage and resolve workplace conflict.







Speaker: Vlearn/ MedicusXR

Title: Live demo of a state-of-the-art VR system that helps businesses save money in training, HR and product demonstrations

Time: 1.00pm -1.20pm

Room 3


Live demo of a state-of-the-art VR system that helps businesses save money in training, HR and product demonstrations


Vlearn has created a demonstration for our visitors where we can experience Roman Bath in an interactive virtual reality environment. The technology used is called 6DOF (Six Degrees of Freedom) which means wearing the headsets and walking around with no cables. In their demo, the visitor will find themselves before a group of Roman centurions manning a catapult. The visitor will then have to walk around, prepare the catapult for firing, load some rocks as ammunition, then aim at a wall in front which is being seized. The objective is to make a hole in the Roman wall. Once this is done, the Centurions storm the fort through the hole that was made.


>>what our company can do for other businesses:


We can save lots of money in areas of training and HR. We do this because we can create custom environments where we have the client's company, merchandise and people in a VR world that is used as a classroom. Things like occupational hazards can be addressed in a complete and realistic way.


Another key area of how we save companies’ money is in the recreation of complex environments featuring their products. This could be anyone from an architecture studio to a manufacturer of a lighting system. There are two ways we can save money here - Reproducing expensive items in VR, and being able to travel to places like trade shows to let people see what you make.


>>Our Clients:


Cabin Crew Training - Air Arabia

Simulation for the A320 cabin where we simulate lighting (FAP), emergency conditions, door operations and learn to avoid risks on the runway. In this training module, VR is used as a complement to the teaching material.


Creation of a Hotel Pilot Room - Hyatt Mallorca

A fully equipped hotel room with lighting, sound, and furniture was made using VR. In this way, Hyatt could evaluate how the guest would be in their hotel. Thanks to this RV application, he won the competitions. The huge advantage here is that a room in VR which is fully interactive costs around 10% of a real setup with forex and furniture.


Space Class - European Space Agency

Creation of a Virtual Classroom to explore the solar system. This project developed for ESA (Bern Switzerland). The concept is simple, allow kids aged 12-18 the chance to experience the solar system first hand and learn about our planets.


Brush Hero - Complutense University

Making and designing a game to educate and entertain patients who are under treatment in dental clinics. One of the novelties of this application is that it can be played while the dentist is intervening with the patient.


Launch X1 Mobile - STG Telecom

Creation of a VR experience for the launch of STG Telecom X1 mobile in 2018. The project was aimed at the guests of that launch who could interact in VR with the mobile seeing the different layers of the interior. The could open it and examine its components using hands.


>>About our company


We are a London based startup with existing offices in Madrid and Barcelona. In Spain, we have over 10 years of experience in VR and gaming development. Our funding comes directly from the Universidad Complutense which is our main client for the project “Medicus XR”.


Our contact details in the UK are:


29 Citywalk Apartments

29 Seward Street

London EC1V3RF


Contact email:







Speaker: Google Digital Garage

Title: Build Your Personal Brand Online

Time: 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Room: 3


Build Your Personal Brand Online


This seminar will focus on:


1. Define your personal brand


2. Build your brand online


3. Increase your online visibility


Learn to identify your personal brand and grow your network online.


For people who want to start building a brand online. Discover ways to think about personal branding, which platforms are available, and tools & tips to monitor and grow your following.


Seminar hosted by the Google Digital Garage


Ronan Harris, Google UK & Ireland Managing Director, said: 'In the digital age, a basic understanding of how the online world works is useful and when it comes to business, it’s essential. We are delighted to bring the Google Digital Garage to Bath and ensure everyone has access to free digital skills workshops. We hope you'll pop in and get the skills you need to become more confident online, grow your career or business, and maybe even launch the next big idea."







Speaker: Kieren O’Connor

Title: How to increase sales without spending a penny on marketing

Time: 1.45pm - 2.15pm

Room: 1


How to increase sales without spending a penny on marketing


In this seminar we will be looking at these four key areas in the sales process and how to optimise them to increase sales without spending a penny on marketing:


  • Structure
  • Touchpoint process
  • Follow up
  • Follow back


About the speaker:


2019 Rising Star Award Winner Kieren O’Connor will be presenting his strategies on “How to Increase Sales Without Spending a Penny on Marketing”. Kieren, the CEO of Growth Stream, is a dynamic, disruptive and results-driven Commercial and Sales Director. He’s expanded into global markets and created industry-leading sales teams. Kieren leads teams and delivers company objectives consistently and at a relentless pace, through prioritising and driving critical and focused sales efforts. If you want to know how to genuinely increase your sales figures by a master of his craft, head over to get the opportunity to watch Kieren O’Connor’s Seminar.








Speaker: John Jefferies, New Business & Development Manager at Bath College

Title: Apprenticeships: Addressing your skills gap directly

Time: 1.45pm - 2.15pm

Room: 2


Apprenticeships: Addressing your skills gap directly


Apprenticeships can make your organisation more effective, productive and competitive addressing your skills gaps directly. There are hundreds of different apprenticeship standards available across 80 different industry sectors. Bath College, the largest provider of apprenticeships in Bath will provide up to date information about apprenticeships, and has a robust quality and commitment to guarantee that every apprentice and employer are perfectly matched. We can also give businesses information on the new T-Levels


About Bath College


Bath College works in partnership with the West of England Combined Authority and the Local Enterprise Partnership to build skill not only to support skills shortage now but also moving forwards looking at priority sectors and regional growth. This means that Bath College offers apprenticeship programmes that are based on job market and industry needs to provide individuals with the right skills moving forwards.


Apprenticeships are an effective way to support your business growth and to develop and retain a multigenerational workforce, statistics show that this offers benefits across all business areas from increased profits, improved customer service and improved staff retention and development.





Speaker: Jessica Whitcutt Fagan

Title: Why purpose is key to your reputation in a ‘deepfake’ world

Time: 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Room: 3


Why purpose is key to your reputation in a ‘deepfake’ world


“There's a terrifying trend on the internet that could be used to ruin your reputation, and no one knows how to stop it” – Business Insider, July 2019. This news headline highlights just how threatening deepfake technology can be and raises some fundamental questions – How is trust established? Can you build resilience into reputation? How can you mitigate a deepfake risk? Join international purpose and reputation expert and Managing Director of It’s a Shovel, Jessica Whitcutt Fagan, as she shares her insights and suggestions on this fascinating subject.


About seminar speaker Jessica Whitcutt Fagan


Jessica is passionate about reputation and sustainability and set up It’s a Shovel in 2017, to help companies create value across all forms of capital for all stakeholders through her unique #ReputationWithPurpose model. With 25+ years’ experience in both agencies and multinational organisations, she has developed and run a number of highly successful and award winning, behaviour change campaigns.


She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, holds a BA Law and completed numerous executive development programmes both in South Africa and in the UK. She has a thorough understanding of both the commercial and reputational imperatives driving business performance and is dedicated to helping a more conscious form of capitalism emerge.


Born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jessica has travelled extensively, worked with clients all over the world, and recently moved with her family to Bath.






Speaker: Fiona Scott, Fiona Scott Media Consultancy Ltd

Title: Five things journalists hate - how to hack off a journalist in easy steps (how to make them love you too)

Time: 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Room: 2

Five things journalists hate - how to hack off a journalist in easy steps (how to make them love you too)


For example - don't assume what you think is a good story is what a journalist will think is a good story. Quite often it's not. Telling a journalist you are really busy and can they call again next week on a Wednesday at 2pm will ensure they never call again. (if you are really lucky though I'll share things they really like...)


About Fiona Scott


Fiona Scott is a journalist, media consultant, videographer and tv producer/director. She has worked in the media for over 30 years including working for ITV, BBC & Comic Relief, on many programs including the One Show.


After setting up her media consultancy in 2008, she’s offered media advice to many including Wiltshire & Dorset Fire Rescue Service, Sinclair Pharma, Haines Watts Swindon, She’s also provided crisis management advice.


Today as her business is growing she works with associate writers and media professionals offering a range of different ways to tell stories and share news, which can be tailored to budget and need. In 2019 she launched her first online PR video course designed for start-ups and will also write her first book for the same group of would-be entrepreneurs in 2020.





Speaker: Philippa Constable

Title: Start up Success: Why do so many new businesses fail, and what can you do to avoid the pitfalls

Time: 2.30pm - 3.00pm

Room: 1


Start up Success

Why do so many new businesses fail, and what can you do to avoid the pitfalls

660,000 new companies are registered in the UK every year. That’s equal to 70 new businesses being formed every hour.


Britain is a booming nation of start-ups, but sadly, it’s a fact that 60 per cent of those new businesses will go-under within three years, and 20 per cent will close their doors within just 12 months.


The entrepreneurial spirit is a cause for celebration, and we encourage helping people to design and create their own pathway. But glamorising entrepreneurial success is not helpful for struggling entrepreneurs who are often written-off, and business failure is usually accompanied by stress, debt and humiliation, which can sap future ambition.


About the Speaker


Join Philippa Constable, Owner of two successful South West based networking organisations Women Mean Biz and We Mean Biz for this seminar and explore the most common mistakes that new entrepreneurs and start-ups make. Hindsight is a great thing, and with the benefit of hearing from someone who has experienced the highs and lows, as well as witnessed her own father losing everything he ever worked for, Philippa will share her insights into the pitfalls of starting your own business, and what you can do to avoid them!







Speaker: Google Digital Garage

Title: Build Effective Presentations

Time: 3.00pm - 4.00pm

Room: 3


Build Effective Presentations


This seminar will focus on:


1. Find out what makes a good presentation


2. Tips on building a strong presentation


3. Learn essential presentation skills


Learn how to structure your presentations and speak to a room full of people.


For beginners and intermediates who want to improve their professional presentations. Discover how to structure a presentation to tell a story and the skills to help you present confidently. Learn how to design your presentations, with guidance on fonts, layouts, images and making use of video.


Seminar hosted by Google Digital Garage


Ronan Harris, Google UK & Ireland Managing Director, said: 'In the digital age, a basic understanding of how the online world works is useful and when it comes to business, it’s essential. We are delighted to bring the Google Digital Garage to Bath and ensure everyone has access to free digital skills workshops. We hope you'll pop in and get the skills you need to become more confident online, grow your career or business, and maybe even launch the next big idea."




Speaker: Ben Leighton

Title: Managing your essential spend & costs and the impact on your profit

Time: 3.15pm - 3.45pm

Room: 2


Managing your essential spend & costs and the impact on your profit


The presentation will talk about the rigours and strife’s of starting your own business and how hard it is as well as the worries, pleasures, victories and life of an entrepreneur. We will discuss BCR, our history, values and mission and look at the core services and how they are important to businesses new and old. We will discuss the energy market in detail, what drives it and how it works. We will cover legislation, risks to businesses and costs. We will look at a case study and then be happy to take questions.


About your seminar speaker Ben Leighton.


Based in Bath, Ben works with the team of industry experts at BCR Associates to deliver cost and risk management to his clients. With a background in international energy and Green and renewable events, Ben is used to dealing with complex arrangements within the energy sector ensuring it all comes together correctly and providing a consistent client experience. Ben enjoys seeing all of his clients face-to-face as much as possible giving accountability and ensuring that the client has a single contact they can trust to deliver clear pricing, action all of their needs and provide practical support.


Taking the hassle out of managing your business costs


The markets surrounding business expenditure can be complex and having the time and know-how to tackle them can be difficult. Ben's specialist knowledge means he can ensure you get the best prices available and never get tied up in expensive roll-over renewal contracts that so many companies fall into by not reading the small print. Ben's role is to free up your time to enable you to work on your business, while he sources the best value for purchasing your key business services.





Speaker: Greg Cooper

Title: How to be your authentic self on LinkedIn

Time: 3.15pm - 3.45pm

Room: 1


How to be your authentic self on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the online network for business professionals. It used to be a bit uptight and stuffy. Any post which had a whiff of Facebook would be jumped on and roundly condemned. Things are changing, LinkedIn is a lot more relaxed these days. Millennials now make up a big proportion of the membership and they have an appetite for more authentic posts. But what does an authentic post look like? How can YOU be your authentic self on LinkedIn?


About the speaker:


Greg Cooper is a Fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing. For many years he ran an award-winning tech marketing agency which he sold in 2011. Today he coaches small and mid-sized businesses to use LinkedIn to find, win and keep customers.


More info about Greg can be found at