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Ask The Expert


An exciting new feature for the 2020 Expo is the 'Ask The Expert' area.


'Ask the Expert' is a dedicated area within the Expo where Visitors can sit down with experts from many different areas of business expertise for a free one-to-one 15 minute consultation.


It will let business people explore new ideas and avenues in running their businesses and give them valuable take-away advice and ideas on a wide range of business topics, including (but not limited to):


Marketing eg Websites; Apps; automated selling; ecommerce; social media; conversion; analytics; PPC; using print

Technology eg VOIP, communications equipment; business broadband

Finance eg cashflow control; procurement; raising business finance; FD input

Personal Development eg Leadership; motivation; mentors; wellness

Business Development eg exporting; recruitment/HR; leadership & management; Sales training;



How it works...


Visitors don't have to pre-book to arrange these consultations prior to the Expo, they can simply turn up on the day and explore the advice available by visiting the Exhibition Stand of the appropriate Expert (indicated in red below) and arranging a sit-down meeting with them in the 'Ask The Expert' area either immediately or later in the day (subject to availability of Expert and space available in the 'Ask The Expert' area). If visitors would like to pre-book an appointment, please send an email to with the title 'Ask an Expert' along with the Topic and name of the Expert business and we'll put you in touch with each other prior to the expo to arrange.


Below we've listed the current Ask The Expert subject areas currently available (this list will grow in the run-up to the Expo, so please check back regularly for the latest updates)



Consult: SELZ - the Ecommerce Experts (not exhibiting but they are available to talk to at the Expo - please phone  Ryan on 07792 353 227 to arrange)


Book a consultation with a Selz Ecommerce Expert to discuss everything and anything related to starting, running and growing your online store:


  • Embracing multi-channel retail
  • Making the most out of your investment in digital advertising
  • Achieving SEO excellence
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Automating and streamlining fulfilment and business processes
  • Optimising sales conversions
  • Gaining social proof with great reviews


All sound like a mammoth task? Ask us how we can do it all for you!


Here is a link to our team calendar for the event (it's set to allow 15-minute meetings to be booked against our availability)



Consult: Jacquie Pinagli, Pinagli Telemarketing, Visit Stand A14


Areas that can be discussed include:

• appointment-making

• lead generation

• invitations to events

• follow up to marketing initiatives

• list building

• 20 ways to use telemarketing

• planning a telemarketing campaign or activity

• 10 Top Tips for telemarketing

• sourcing data


Consult: Pete Bangham, OMMEC DIRECT, Visit Stand C4


My business is 'Production experts to the Creative and Marketing departments '

producing Direct Mail products whether its a targeted postcard campaign to a letter or polythene wrapped mailing - we can now also offer paper wrap mailings

We also provide help in finding the right postage solutions



Consult: Mervyn Clingan, Taking Pictures, Visit Stand E5


Consult me on all things Photography and Video Production for businesses and organisations.


Visit my stand between 11.30am until 12.00pm or alternatively 2.00pm until 2.30pm for a free Social media profile image of yourself that you can use on Linkedin etc


Consult: Jonathan Sherwin and Team, BathComms, Visit Stand E1

We build digital solutions that serve our clients well, by pairing custom communications strategies with the appropriate technology

We would be delighted to have a chat to you about your:

• Digital Communications Strategy - More people to your website. The right people to your website.

• SEO - Technical, content focussed, results guaranteed

• eCommerce -  Our ecommerce websites perform strongly, communicate competently and function reliably




Consult: Kieren O'Connor, Growth Stream, Visit Stand F16

or Click to Pre-book appointment with Kieren

Kieren O'Connor from Growth Stream who will be on hand in the Business Clinics offering free 1-1 clinics to offer business growth and sales advice.


Here are a few of the topics you could speak to Kieren about:


  • Current sales teams daily structure
  • Lead handling process
  • Follow up and follow back process
  • Sales training and development of staff
  • Current sales teams daily structure




Consult: William Wood, Datasharp Integrated Communications, Visit Stand F1



voice/data/mobile/video communications and collaboration, to help businesses benefit from modern technology.


We are vendor agnostic, so employ a consultative approach to aid people through the massive range of technologies now out there.




Consult: Helen Gore, Gore Consulting Ltd, Visit Stand H14


Data and Business Intelligence Expert


• Microsoft specialist – SQL Server, Azure, Power BI, Dynamics

• Reporting and analytics - including Finance, Sales and Marketing

• Advice on data visualisation tools (e.g. Power BI vs Tableau)

• Aligning data from multiple different sources

• Data Warehouse and ETL programming

• Data strategy and architecture

• Power BI training

• Interim CTO/CIO cover




Consult: PG Owen Chartered accountants & financial advisors, Visit Stand F8:

Topics: cashflow control; procurement; raising business finance; FD input; cloud accounting software and integration with other software


Consult: The Pension Solutions Group, Visit Stand F5


• Flexibility and control over your pension investments coupled with the means to boost growth in your company with our Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS). These pensions offer clear and measurable advantages for UK business owners who could save tens of thousands every year while growing a retirement fund.

• Tax-efficient ownership of commercial property and the means to better manage succession planning.

• Use existing pension funds or start a pot from scratch to help manage expansion and debt.

• Technical Consultancy - When an ‘off the shelf’ solution won’t cut the mustard, even savvy clients and professional advisers need a little help finding the ideal way to meet business-orientated objectives via smart pension arrangements. This is where we come in.


Consult: Maplebrook Wills, Visit Stand D9

Topics: Estate planning

• Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) - their purpose and benefits

• Wills - passing on business-related assets in your will

• Trusts - using trusts to protect property and other assets

• Landlord planning for property portfolios

• What happens to your Facebook and other social media after death

• Complicated family situations: the role of trusts

• Funeral plans and your estate


Consult: Steve Ryland - The Tax Kit, Visit Stand B4


• Business Planning (Financials)

• Business Financial Planning

• Small Business Accounts and Tax

• Cashflows and budget setting


Consult: Jerry Walsingham, Honey Legal, Visit Stand G8


2 in 3 UK adults do not have a Will. Thats bonkers, especially where there are children and/or a property and/or a business involved.

Its key purpose is, when you depart, to distribute your "estate" according to your wishes, rather than the State's.

So if you do not decide where your "estate" is going, it will end up some place else! And that's seldom a happy arrangement.

In addition, if you are a director/co director of a business, there are considerations around loss of mental capacity and business continuity.

For advice on how to protect you, your family and your estate come and find me at Honey Legal.

Honey are a leading, specialist Estate Planning company who have chosen to be regulated, and are rated Excellent on Trip Advisor.





TOPICS: Business Development


Consult: Cool Ventures, Visit Stand F14

• Setting up and running a small business

• Writing a business plan

• Putting together financial forecasts (cashflow and budget)

• Creating a winning business strategy



Consult: Erik Rodriguez Vazquez - The Last Puzzle Piece Ltd - Innovation & Industrial design consultancy company, Visit Stand C7


  • Idea's conceptualisation (Use methodologies to test your ideas)
  • Technology research (Know the state of the art in your market)
  • Market Research (Understand your competition)
  • Industrial design (Promote your company and product with an international awarded design)
  • Advanced engineering development (Make it real)
  • Manufacturing 4.0 (Robotics and automation)
  • Product launch (How to get your product onto the market quickly)
  • Sustainable innovation (Reduce your footprint with sustainable materials and technologies)



Consult: Alasdair Mackay, Clearwater Advantage scale-up support, Visit Stand A1


- Helping aspiring scale-up businesses generate resilient growth by tackling strategic, operational and organisational challenges.


Some of the topics you can discuss with Alasdair:


  • Creating a strategy that drives growth
  • Turning your strategy into a plan for all areas of the business
  • Matching the business organisation to the strategy
  • Creating effective leadership roles and delegating effectively
  • Using processes to coordinate effort across departments
  • Streamlining key productive activity & managing risk
  • Deciding on outsourcing v in-house delivery
  • Managing performance and setting targets





Consult: BLB Solicitors, Visit Stand D6


Premises – owning, leasing and more flexible terms of occupation

Company matters – acquisitions, disposals, starting up, supplier & customer contracts, e-commerce, factors to consider when expanding, long term planning, franchises

Property disputes – breach of lease, ending and renewing your lease, dilapidations claims, rights of access, restrictive covenants.


Also: For people starting a business, Frank Scott-Ashe will be available between 11am -12pm for help with looking at different business structures (sole trader, partnership, limited company and LLP), outlining the key differences between each and the benefits from a legal perspective.



Consult: Stone king LLP, Visit Stand C2


Employment Law & HR Consultancy


•         contracts and terms of employment;

•         disciplinary, grievance and capability procedures;

•         TUPE;

•         Whistle blowing;

•         Employment tribunals;

•         Settlement agreements;

•         equal opportunities


Information Management Law (including GDPR)

Jonathan Heskia a consultant in the Corporate & Commercial sector for Stone King LLP can consult on the following:


•         Data protection compliance (including privacy notice and policy drafting)

•         Data sharing and data processing agreements

•         Subject access requests

•         Data breach management

•         Direct marketing and the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (“PECR”)

•         Brexit






Area of Expertise: Personal Development


Consult: The Practical Consultancy, Visit Stand B4


Areas that can be discussed include:


• Business Planning

• Rapid Idea Development

• Process Improvement

• Mentoring

• Business growth consultancy

• Bespoke Workshops or Training